About Presco

The Presco™ keyless access control system offers many advantages over other seemingly similar access control systems.  The split system design has greater security by ensuring that wire tampering at the keypad or proximity reader does not control the door release output.

Presco™ is being exported to New Zealand and many different countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, and is compliant with Australian current FTA’s. In addition Presco™ has been granted patents for product innovation which provides a uniqueness in the world security market place.

Standards Compliant

All Presco™ products comply with regulatory Australian Standards and most are RoHS compliant. Presco™ equipment is regularly supplied to Government agencies as well as being specified in tenders for many institutions such as hospitals. At this point in time there are in excess of 200 outlets for Presco™ equipment throughout Australia.

Reliable no matter the distance

With a separation of up to 1 kilometre between the controller and keypad/proximity reader, Presco™ covers distances unachievable by most other two part systems. Even at the maximum separation distance only low cost non-shielded cable is required, and most installations use only 4 conductors (actual achievable separation distance is limited by cable thickness and whether the keypad/proximity reader and controller are powered separately.)


Presco™ products are designed in Australia and most are manufactured in Australia.  First produced in 1990, Presco™ has evolved and established itself as a reliable and secure system suitable for access control in homes, small businesses and industrial sectors.

3 Year Warranty

All Presco™ products come with a de facto 3 year warranty. If there are any issues a product, feel free to contact our support here. or on (03) 9808 6244.