PEL1 - Presco Event Logger

The Presco™ Event Logger makes monitoring and programming multiple Presco™ door access controllers a breeze, providing a user friendly platform for access control with full upload/download capabilities directly from your PC.
Maximum security is provided with 3 different operator levels for programming, editing user details or simply viewing events. When an event is logged it is locked
into memory and cannot be manipulated, so you know the integrity of your access control system is assured.

12 Volt D.C. operation.
36 month manufacturer’s warranty.
800 Users with names up to 32 characters.
Stores 5,000 events with time & date stamping.
Up to 8 Presco™ PAC controllers can be monitored simultaneously giving control of up to 16 doors.
Internal replaceable button cell holds memory and keeps clock running for up to 10 years.
USB 2.0 Mini B interface to PC.
PC software supplied for Windows™ Vista, 7, 8.1 & 10.
Three software operator levels restricts access to programming features.