VR43 Vandal Resistant Keypad

The Presco™ VR43 vandal and weather resistant keypads are compatible with the Presco™ series of controllers. When the VR43 keypads are coupled with any PAC series door controller you get the benefits of a secure door access control solution with all of the features of the Presco™ system. Backlighting is standard on the VR43 and the keypads are also able to be used with Weigand input access controllers.
  • Details

    • Stylish streamline metal design
    • Robust sealed construction for outdoor applications
    • Compatible with Presco™ PAC access controllers and all other Presco™ models, the entire system uses low cost non-shielded cable and keypads can be up to 1 kilometre from the door controller (power supply and cable dependent)
    • Compatible with most industry standard 26bit Weigand systems and fully configurable for other Weigand controllers with up to 64 bits of data
    • Operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C
    • Voltage 7 to 28VDC
    • Size 132mm x 92mm x 24.5mm
    • Rear cable mount 26mm
    • Resistant to saline mist
    • Rated to IP67
    • Outputs Presco™ & Weigand data (up to 64 bits)

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