There is now the perfect keyless access solution with the introduction of the revolutionary

OmGate App.

Setting the Standard For User Convenience

A Bluetooth-powered device, managed by a dedicated mobile app

for remote opening of electronic gates. OmGate detects the users phone as they approachsending a pop-up alert to the app and opening the gate.

• Ideal for both residential and commercial gates

• Manage up to 20 different gates from one phone

• Works even when you’re on a call or using navigation apps

• Free iOS & Android app that opens all gates with OmGate installed

Easy Installation

OmGate system installation is fast, simple and pain-free. It is compatible with any gate that has an electrical connection and wireless control. For example, garage doors, security gates, barrier gates, and so on. An authorized technician installs the OmGate device on your gate without any need for complex infrastructure. All you have to do is download the free mobile app to control the gate!

User and Gate Management

The app’s intuitive interface allows you to define an Admin for each gate who can then easily authorize multiple additional users to open the gate. Users receive invitations via SMS to access the app. When each authorized user approaches the gate an alert will pop up on their smart phone too. A quick tap on the alert will open the gate. The Admin can also add or remove gates or change any gate name if necessary

To find out more, visit our OmGate product page.

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